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while humor is very helpful, never offend your audience or the couplestart off with greeting and a compliment and thank youhumor is very valuable, but never risk offending or embarrassing the bride or groomthe confidence your training gives you puts you at ease and lets your audience connect with youthe bride appreciates that you have taken the time to learn how to give a great speechit is important to talk to people in the audience, not just to the rooma good speaker mentally puts himself in the audience so he hears how it will sound to themour training is also great for other wedding speakers, groomsmen, father of groom, mothers, bridesmaids, siblings, etcgetting a laugh in the beginning of your speech focuses the audiences attention on youa good speech focuses on the couple, not on the speaker or anyone else

Your daughter is getting married. The day you’ve looked forward to for decades is almost here. Imagine the happy guests admiring your beautiful little girl and your new son-in-law and you standing up before them all to express your love for them and your happiness in your Father of the Bride speech. Your words put a glow in all their hearts and they will remember them forever.

Except that, for many of us, the prospect of standing up to speak to a group of people is as pleasant as scheduling a trip to the dentist. And, on this important occasion, the fear of embarrassing themselves is nearly overwhelming. And it is all-the-more stressful because of their keen desire to do well enough to make their daughters and the rest of their families proud.


The Sad Truth

Sadly, because wedding speeches are notoriously poor (see video), your guests don’t expect much. That means that if just “good enough to get by” is good enough for you, you won’t want to invest even the small amount of time and effort to take this course. If that is the case, we sincerely wish you well and hope your event goes beautifully anyway. But if you feel that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to show how proud and happy you are at the most important event in your little girl’s life…


Watch this 2-minute explanation of why we created this course to help wedding speakers both write and deliver a great speech and how it is different from everything else you might have seen.

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