Examples of Speeches You Might Get Ideas From

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How this course is different from everything else.

This guy is not a student of ours, but his speech is worth watching. This is a very unusual, very funny speech. Still, if you analyze it in context of our lessons, you will see that the same rules apply.

This guy was not our student; but did a great speech, unlike any other you’ve probably heard. Then go to your lesson notes and see how this speech, unusual as it is, compares to what you learned in each lesson.

Analyzing these speeches

The sample speeches you see on this page show a variety of approaches that might spark ideas for your own speech. You should keep in mind the things you learned in your lessons and analyze each speech to see how it compares to what you’ve learned. For instance: what is the main message? does it have a structure? does it use sets of three? and so forth. Then consider how it makes you feel as a listener. Did the speaker communicate feelings or information? How did they deliver the closing statement? How did they use humor? Do you think everyone in the audience understood the humor? How was their delivery? Did you have to strain to understand them? Was it comfortable to listen to? Did you start wondering how much longer they would keep talking or did they leave you “wanting more”? Did you ever feel like some people might be offended or insulted? Is this a speaking style that would fit your personality or not?

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