Please describe this service in a few words!

We offer a very focused (money-back-guaranteed) online course that consists of a dozen short lessons that can be done in a few days (we prefer 60 days, though) specifically designed to help a father of the bride (or other wedding speaker) to compose and deliver a great wedding speech. We also offer live consulting to further help those wanting it.

How much time do I need to spend on it?

Each lesson consists of a video of about 5 minutes plus drills that you do on your own. You should get good results if you spend 15 minutes (or more) per day on the drills. You can do the course at your own pace, but it is best if you work on it every day, repeating lessons as often as you like, but not ever doing any lesson without having done the preceding lessons–they are progressive.

Why do you need a course for the Father-of-the-Bride speech? Isn’t there already a lot of stuff on the internet telling how to do it? How is this different?

Yes, there sure is a lot out there. (Watch our 2-minute video explanation.) And I agree with what most of it says. But there is one big problem with it all. If you’ve attended many weddings and listened to the speeches, you would likely agree that most of them are not very good. People applaud and might even say it was fine out of kindness, but everyone knows it just isn’t so! If you watched the faces of the audience, and especially the bride and groom, you would usually notice some uncomfortable moments. You might also have noticed some polite laughing at what was supposed to be funny—but was really just awkward. You know that the guys doing those speeches probably found all that same stuff on the internet as you have found—but it didn’t seem to make much of an improvement in their speeches, did it? That’s because just being told how to do it isn’t enough, it takes a little training and coaching to actually make a difference. Our simple, organized course teaches principles and techniques, step-by-step in a logical order, and gives you progressive drills that take you from zero to hero in 12 easy lessons. You do have to put in a little effort; but it is well worth it!

Is it really worth taking a course for just this one speech?

the bride appreciates that you have taken the time to learn how to give a great speech
It sure is. Just ask her!

You seem to insist that the lessons are both easy and effective. Isn’t that a contradiction? I have always thought hard work was the key to success.

Yes we do say that. And no, it is not a contradiction. Not if you understand our goal. Our intention is not to fill your head with a lot of information, it is to help you to establish a few good habits that are the keys to a great wedding speech. You establish a habit through repetition (doing it), but if it is difficult or unpleasant, you will resist developing the habit. If it is easy and pleasant–with the bonus of giving you the satisfaction of actually seeing your progress grow–you will quickly adopt the new habit.

I am not a “funny” person; but I would like to use a little humor in my speech. Can you help me?

Yes, we usually can. See this 30-second video. We cannot make you a stand-up comedian; but we will teach you a few things “funny” people do. What humorous story you choose is important–and how you deliver it is important. 😆

What is your best deal to get started right now?

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Is this only for dads? What about groomsmen, bridesmaids, moms, or others?

The course was originally conceived specifically for fathers of brides, but it is actually appropriate for anyone who will be doing a wedding speech. Groomsmen, mothers or fathers of either of the couple, bridesmaids, siblings, and others will benefit from it.

Why would someone who’s done hundreds of business presentations need to take this course?

If you’ve done a lot of public speaking for business, you probably have no fear of speaking in front of a group; but you also probably have developed a few habits and dependencies that are not appropriate for a great wedding speech. For example, in business presentations it is common to have some kind of visual props, like slides, or handouts, or even objects you hold up or point to to demonstrate. Those things don’t fit in to your wedding speech. This is personal, a tribute to your daughter and her new husband. It should be heartfelt and even sentimental. Although you should plan your speech, the best speeches sound almost impromptu. A business presentation is to convey information; your wedding speech is to express feelings.

How can you expect a novice to learn to do a great speech in so little time from an online course?

If we were trying to train you to be a great orator or even a great sales presenter, we probably couldn’t expect such results from this training format—but that is not what we are doing! Your wedding speech is different from a business presentation, much simpler in many ways, but with a few added features That lets us eliminate a lot of things you don’t need to worry about and focus on the few things that are important for this one special speech. For example, if we were training you to do business presentations, just the section of our training devoted to using props would be as big as this entire course. The section on handling questions and objections would be even bigger. And there would be a number of other additional topics as well.

You seem to place a lot of importance on improving the sound of my voice. Why?

We do! We aren’t trying to make you sound like an orator (which would seem “put-on”, anyway). But, there are simple things anyone can do to make their voice sound better when they speak and we believe it is important for two reasons. First, we want to be sure you are clearly heard and understood by your audience. Probably the number one fault that mars many speeches is unclear speaking. Second, when you hear yourself sounding better in your drills it helps build your confidence. Confidence is key to success.

How important is the sound of your voice?

I thought that starting by apologizing for not being a good speaker would show humility and also “lower the bar” for me. Would it?

When you stand up to speak to an audience, you initiate an implicit bargain with them. They agree to give you their attention and you agree to give them your best effort. Imagine how you would feel if the audience told you that they will likely be on their phones while you spoke. They would not be giving you the respect you deserve, would they? Now, imagine how your audience feels when you start out announcing that this will probably not be a very good speech. That doesn’t tell them that you are giving your best or that it is worth their time to pay attention. The “bar” for wedding speeches is already pretty low. By putting in just a little work you will clear that bar by a mile. You will have nothing to apologize for!

Some of the things you teach seem obvious. Is it necessary to teach them?

First, I think it would be a mistake to assume that something that seems obvious to you or to me is obvious to everyone. But, more important is that this is training, not merely teaching. It is not enough to just know what you should do; you need to actually do it. Knowing how to properly hit a golf ball is only useful if you practice it and train yourself to do it when you are on the links.

You discourage actually writing out the speech. Why?

We train you to deliver a speech that you have thoroughly planned; but has the charm of an impromptu talk. There are several deficiencies and potential problems that writing out your speech can cause, “stiffness” is just one of them. Writing out your speech (or having somebody write a speech for you) sets a trap you could easily fall into. You will then have to either read your speech (not a good look!) or memorize it. If you memorize it, you have a high likelihood of forgetting parts (even professional actors do) when in the spotlight–then you will be totally lost. We will show you a much better way, and train and help you to do it.

Do you offer this course in languages other than English?

Not at this time. Although our website can be presented in several languages (scroll to the footer on any page to see list and choose one), we do not yet have lessons in languages other than English. Maybe soon??? 🙂

both the bride and groom will appreciate a great tribute to their love and their life together
you don't get do-overs, get trained to do it right the first time
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