Our business is based mainly on referrals from wedding designers, planners, coordinators, and venues. We pay a small commission (10%) to express our appreciation, which allows us to keep our costs and prices low. You may accept the commissions as a double-valued credit toward advertising on our site, if you prefer. You get the benefit of a more successful event because we know that the FoB speech is often the “clumsiest” part of the entire affair. Most fathers of the bride are not experienced speakers; but we can help them to both compose and deliver a much better speech. We polish the roughest part of your otherwise perfectly-managed event.

We give you a little more control over one of the most difficult-to-control aspects of the event.

To be a referrer you must be registered in our database. It is easy and not intrusive–and it’s free! No cost, no obligation. You will be assigned a unique identifier number (alphanumeric) and a link (plus QR code) that you can give to your clients to sign up for the course, giving you credit as the referrer. NOTE: we would prefer to have them sign up at least 60 days prior to the wedding date, but we can still help even if the wedding is only a couple of days away.

You can register as one account for your whole company or each planner, coordinator, or consultant can register individually. We also welcome photographers, florists, tailors, dressmakers, caterers, and any other providers of services and products to weddings to register as referrers.

Extra Benefit. Once you refer a client to us, we record them into our database as your customer. We pay you commissions not only on the course fee, but also on any consulting fees or ancillary product sales to that customer.

NOTE: If you received an email inviting you to register as a Referrer, please use the link in that email instead of the button below. That link includes more information to save you time filling in the registration form.

Your clients will thank you for telling them about Father of the Bride Coach!

Also, if you referred someone to us and then felt that they did a good job on their speech, we would appreciate your comments on our Blog page so others will know about it. We also value your suggestions and comments–just go to the Contact page.

Thank You, Al

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