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  1. jim


    Lessons are short, all under 10 minutes. That is great, it keeps them within the attention span of a typical viewer. They are also deceptively simple. But, they build on one another like the simple bricks that make up a building. The suggested 15 minutes a day for drill might be adequate for some people; but I feel 30 would be a better recommendation for many of us.

    A lot of what is in the lessons is available on the web; but there are some unique ideas in the lessons most people probably have never thought of.

    The emphasis on drills and “doing it”, not just “knowing it” is spot on.

    All in all, this is a great idea and almost every speaker I’ve listened to at weddings would have benefitted a lot from this course..

  2. Reply

    I have known Al for 25 years and attended both his daughters’ weddings. I have also spoken in public for over 30 years and teach young people how to speak in interviews for college admission or jobs. I am a very tough critic of public speakers, having had to listen to many thousands of speeches and presentations. I often sit thinking “how much longer will he/she keep talking” while listening to speeches, especially wedding speeches.

    My wife was surprised when I said: “I could listen to him talk all night” after Al finished his father-of-the-bride speech. I also heard people around me saying that was the best wedding speech they’d ever heard. It was polished enough to tell me he had practiced it, but casual enough to almost sound like he was just speaking his thoughts as they came into his head, like in a normal conversation. Both times he started off getting a laugh out of the audience which made everyone comfortable and also got their attention.

    Normally, after listening to a wedding speech I can barely remember what the speaker had to say. I can still remember what Al had to say about both his daughters and their new husbands. That is the mark of a very successful speech.

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